Advertisements for BananaMama

Advertisements for BananaMama

BananaMama is a brand that produces designer socks. The founder of the company, she is closely associated with the Wrocław cycling community. He includes local symbols in his designs. As part of our cooperation, we made two spots, in the studio and outdoors.

reklama - marka odzieżowa

Advertising spot made outdoors

The locations we used in the spot are related to the graphic designs presented on the products. The spot featured 5 people, including Natalia, the company’s founder. We wanted a dynamic film with a sense of humor that could appeal to young audiences.

Advertising spot made in the studio

The second spot was shot in a film studio. In the video, we put more emphasis on the products. The elements connecting both spots are music, visual identification, bicycle-related topics and, of course, the products themselves.