Animations based on film/photo

A very popular solution in which the animation is planned before shooting begins. The creative use of real elements gives unlimited possibilities, which when set in motion can produce a stunning effect. We especially like to set urban architecture in motion. An example of such an implementation. below.

Cartoon animations

Drawing animations provide unlimited possibilities for creating the world and characters. We can create a drawing style or a more technological style. Everything here influences the final reception of the animation. From the colors to the type of line and the type of movement. An example of such an implementation is below.

Gorąco polecam playcolors! Satysfakcjonująca i przyjemna współpraca, umiejętność odzwierciedlenia potrzeb klienta, firma ciągle poszerzająca swoje możliwości i jest otwarta na nowe.

Martyna Romanowicz – RomaTerapia