A film for the Rawicz city

10 events – 1 video and maximum content. A film for the Rawicz commune

We had the great pleasure of making a film of 10 events for the Rawicz Commune. At the beginning of our cooperation, we defined the dates of the events. We had the opportunity to observe various events that would remain only in the participants’ memories if it were not for the camera accompanying the events.


Together with the event organizers, we established the dates, responsible persons and program items that were key. Thanks to this, everyone was sure that we would not miss the most important events. In case of changes, we knew the people responsible and could act quickly. We also determined the locations where the drone flights were to take place.


Before each event, we were at least 30 minutes in advance to make sure that we did not miss the most important things. The shots were taken on the same camera to maintain visual consistency. Depending on the type of event, it was recorded in motion or from a tripod. Some shots were shot in a larger number of frames, which made it possible to use slow motion in editing.

Post Production:

The challenge was to create a film containing 10 events that were equally important, in a way that would not be boring. In the first part of the film, we decided to make a short announcement presenting the variety of events. Then we made a short summary of each event containing the most interesting shots. The film is connected with a brace (beginning and end), which consists of animations and drone shots showing the city panorama.