Live sessions – KAIRO

Live Sessions for KAIRO project

We recorded material for two songs for the KAIRO project. The music sessions were carried out in a professional film studio. We made animation projections on a cyclorama whose atmosphere and colors referred to the band’s costumes. Of course, all the details were agreed at the pre-production stage. Both songs were recorded in different colors. Additionally, each of the songs was diversified with different camera work and editing pace.

Live Session

Live Session of “I Want to Tell You”

The song “I want to tell you” is written by Kora. Due to the type of story told in the text, we decided that the main colors would be red and blue. The camera is usually static, or there is little movement.

Live Session of the song “I won’t tell”

In the song “I will not tell” we decided to use cooler colors and more contrasting lighting. The camera works faster, which is additionally made more dynamic by faster editing.