PKP SA – Spots and animations

Spots made for PKP. S.A

We had the pleasure of making spots promoting the railway line from Wrocław to Świdnica. The work included taking shots from a drone and from the ground in the most important places of the route, then presenting the material with small elements and supplementary content. You can see the effects below.

Spoty PKP

A 90-second spot promoting the Polish State Railways

The spot contains a professional voice-over recording. Graphic boards at the beginning and end inform clearly and legibly what it concerns. Additionally, we added animation elements that made the film shots more attractive.

A 30-second spot promoting the Polish State Railways

A 30-second spot is a shorter version of a 90-second spot. The most important elements of the investment have been selected and provide the most important information.

90 sec animation promoting the Polish State Railways

Compared to a commercial, animation offers much greater story telling possibilities. We based the colors on the graphic identification of PKP. Each board presents information in a visual, textual and audio manner, highlighting the most important aspects of the investment and benefits for the passenger.

15 sec animation promoting the Polish State Railways

A short version of the animation dedicated specifically to social media contains a basic message that may encourage the viewer to look for more detailed information about the investment, either on the Internet or in the press.