Corporate image film

Corporate image film for Pawel

Paweł runs the Hydro Tech company, which provides high-quality services, mainly for developers from the construction industry. We have proposed a non-standard film in which, instead of classical information about the company, we present the characteristics of the company owner. Knowledge, perseverance, responsibility and experience – all these are Paweł’s characteristics and that is why it is worth working with him, both on small and large projects.

We decided to shoot with a dynamic hand-held camera, which is perfect for Paweł’s hobbies – running and boxing. We accompanied the hero of the film during training, trying to reflect the effort and perseverance that accompany systematic training. We wanted the viewer to identify more with the hero of the film, so we proposed an off-shoot narrative. Each element was meticulously directed. We incorporated shots presenting Paweł’s daily work into the film’s narrative – team management, drone shots and attention to detail. Effects? Judge for yourself!