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Advertising film for the health service – The first Pregnant Women Oncology Center in Poland

Our latest promotional video presents the first Pregnant Women Oncology Center in Poland.

With over six thousand patients treated annually, the oncology clinic of the Polish Mother’s Health Center Institute is a symbol of hope for people fighting cancer in Poland. Through innovative research and novel therapies, the institute is at the forefront of cancer treatment, using techniques available only in a few centers around the world.

In the film we show the recent modernization of the oncology clinic, including the creation of the Oncology Center for Pregnant Women. Modern infrastructure elements ensure increased patient comfort and improved medical care.

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The film included statements from people working in the hospital. The hand-held camera gives the film more dynamism and makes the viewer feel as if he or she was walking through the Institute’s rooms, just like the patients. Due to the fact that the film was made from European Funds, we added boards at the beginning and at the end providing the necessary information.

Shots taken at the Oncology Center were edited with shots presenting the Polki Mother’s Health Center Institute in Łódź.

You can find the video below: