Music Video “Storm”

Production of the music video “Storm”

Another music video for Kairo Qveen, another dance track with a powerful beat. Due to the fact that Kairo Qveen, in addition to vocal songs, starts his career as a DJ, one of the guidelines was to include a DJ console in the music video. Unlike the last project, which was supposed to reflect the atmosphere of the club, we proposed an intimate project in which only two people would perform. We were looking for a dance studio that had a large number of mirrors, which would visually increase the space and allow the dancer more options during improvisation.

What are the benefits of making a music video with two people?

Intimacy and Closeness:

    • Music videos with two characters can focus on the relationship between them, which allows for a more intimate atmosphere. This can be especially effective when it comes to conveying emotion and story.

teledysk Kairo

Focus on Details:

    • A smaller number of characters allows for greater precision in handling details. The director and cinematographer can control shots more precisely, allowing them to precisely capture facial expressions, gestures and other details that contribute to the mood of the music video.

teledysk DJ

Personal Character:

    • Music videos with two characters can be more personal, allowing for a more individual focus on the artists. This can help build an authentic image and bond with viewers

Minimalism and Uniqueness:

    • Simplicity and minimalism in a music video with two characters can make the production more expressive and easier for the viewer to digest. A unique approach can stand out from the crowd and remain in the audience’s memory.

tencerz w teledysku

Costs of production:

    • Producing with fewer characters could potentially reduce costs. A smaller staff means fewer resources are needed and facilitates more flexible budget management.

teledysk z tancerzem

Focus on Artists:

    • Music videos with two main characters allow you to focus on the artists and their interactions, which is important when it comes to building the image and identification of the band with the audience.

It is worth remembering that a creative approach to production is key, regardless of the number of characters. Effective use of the potential of two characters in a music video depends on the original idea, quality of execution and the ability to convey emotions.

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