Instructional videos in English

Training videos for Shift4

Shift4 is a renowned company in the field of payment services and payment technology. Shift4 offers a variety of electronic payment solutions, including point-of-sale (POS) systems, online payment gateways, transaction management solutions, and more.

Due to the specificity of the company’s activities, there was a need to explain how the solutions provided by the company work. We have created several dozen instructional videos in English, addressed to international clients.

Our responsibilities included providing a film studio and camera work, sound recording and then editing and preparing animation. In order to speed up the work and ensure the fluency of the lecturer’s speech, we have provided a prompter. Additionally, for each of the films, we have prepared several-second social media invitations, presented on social profiles.

Below we present some videos. All videos can be viewed on Shift4’s YT profile.