Film and animation for PaliPali

A video and animation encouraging the use of the PaliPali application

To promote the PaliPali application, we were asked to produce a film and animation approximately 60 seconds long. After writing the script together, we started implementing it. You can admire the effects below.

Promotional video – PaliPali

In the video, the client wanted to show the process of ordering building materials using the application. The process has been divided into three most important stages/places. Construction site – where there is a lack of materials and for which materials should be delivered. The office where the construction manager works and the warehouse from which construction materials are purchased. To make the message clear, we also decided to add information boards.

Animation showing the benefits of using the PaliPali application

In the animation, we focused primarily on the benefits of using the application. The method of operation is briefly presented. The colors and visual identification were selected in accordance with the visual identification of the Client. You can see the effects below. The materials will be presented during technology fairs and on social media.