Animations for the Marshal’s Office in Wrocław

Animations for the Marshal’s Office in Wrocław

As part of a project promoting a support package for entrepreneurs running a business in Lower Silesia, we made 3 animations commissioned by the Marshal’s Office in Wrocław. Due to the fact that the animations were to be published on various social media, each animation is of a different length, presenting the most important information. The deadline for completing the project is worth noting. The client wanted the work to be completed as quickly as possible. Thanks to efficient cooperation, 5 days passed from presenting the script to completing the project.

animacje dla urzędu

60 second spot

This is the longest animation in the project, presenting the most substantive information. The colors of the animation have been preserved in line with the visual identification of the project, which is based on three main colors – orange, navy blue and white.

15 second spot

The 15-second spot was created for an AdWords campaign running on YouTube and Facebook.

6 second spot

The 6-second spot was quite a challenge due to its length. This short form ad type is used for the shortest type of ad that the viewer cannot skip.