Films promoting the WroSound festival

Films promoting the WroSound festival

Films promoting the WroSound 2021 festival can be divided into 4 types.

15-second teasers announcing the festival
30-second promo announcing the festival
15-second instastories (vertical) published during the festival, showing the course of the festival
30-second aftermovies summarizing each day of the festival
The concept of the festival was based on two worlds – Urban and Jungle. The pigeon is a bird that connects these two worlds, it can be said that it is the king of the urban Jungle, which is why it has become the leading element.

Film z festiwalu

15-second teasers announcing the festival

Teasers were published on social media, especially on FB and Instagram. Due to the fact that short spots reach the largest number of recipients, the format has been limited to 15 seconds. The teasers were also supposed to slowly reveal more information about the festival’s concept. Each of them added a “brick” that an attentive viewer could detect to learn more about the festival.

30 second festival promo

The 30-second promo reveals all the most important information related to the festival. In this case, it was taken during a photo session.

Insta Stories from the festival

Each day of the festival, we created 4 instastories that were intended to show the atmosphere of the festival. We paid special attention to all kinds of attractions taking place during the festival, such as the skate park, furniture renovation workshops, roller skating lessons, sponsor places, gastronomy and, of course, music stages.


The last element was the preparation of After Movie in the film format, i.e. Full HD. Aftermovie is intended to summarize each day of the festival. Please note that all materials were published within 24 hours of the end of the festival.